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"GIS Journey" training now available Australia-wide

Spatial Vision is pleased to announce that its effective "GIS Journey" training approach is now available Australia-wide.

The GIS Journey training approach provides organisations that have invested substantial dollars in the implementation of ArcGIS the best possible return on investment.

ArcGIS training with Spatial Vision ensures  organisations and employees develop their expertise, and therefore use GIS more productively.

Course participant feedback confirms that our approach is the most effective training system enabling employees to apply new skills to their daily work tasks.

This feedback also indicated that employees feel they are more productive and more confident when they complete our ArcGIS Course or GIS Journey training module.

Key features of the Spatial Vision "GIS Journey" training approach include:

Training using client data

Our ArcGIS training exercises and course notes are typically delivered using specific client data.

This training approach is based on the understanding that employees learn and apply their new knowledge far more effectively when they are taught using their own data.

Flexibility and relevance

Our GIS Journey program is flexible, relevant and customised for our clients' environment. This has been proven to be the most effective method of maximising the return on dollars invested in ArcGIS.

Our program provides students with an opportunity to focus on business-specific workflows. Customised Arc GIS Course programs can also be aligned with specific trainee requirements.

The ability to pre-purchase GIS Journey training

Not only is the training methodology flexible but so too are our commercial terms. The GIS Journey Advance Purchase program allows clients to purchase blocks of training credits for use anytime within 12 months.

Competitive pricing

GIS Journey training is  delivered at a very competitive price per student per day.

Proven experience and expertise

Spatial Vision and our trainers possess a broad and deep knowledge of spatial science and the ArcGIS platform benefiting hundreds of students and many companies over the last fourteen years.

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) is one of the myriad organisations that has undertaken our GIS training.

As Acting Manager of GIS Services at the CFA, Teena Speirs was delighted with the results of Spatial Vision's GIS Journey training approach.

"With a software upgrade to ArcGIS Desktop 10, the CFA needed to deal with users migrating from ArcView 3.3 to ArcGIS 10 as well as existing ArcGIS 9 users who needed to learn the new features of ArcGIS 10," Ms Speirs said.

" Spatial Vision's customised training course was the best way to provide this assistance to CFA staff affected by the migration. Spatial Vision's flexibility allowed us to include some CFA specific practices into the training so staff learnt about ArcGIS 10 and how it is implemented within the CFA environment."

With GIS Journey training now available Australia-wide, please get in touch with Spatial Vision today to arrange a session.

Spatial Vision has operated since 1999 and is a multi-award-winning innovator in the Australian spatial industry.

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