GIS Journey training receives top marks

Earlier this year, Spatial Vision was pleased to announce that we will now be offering comprehensive GIS Journey training in order to help Australian businesses and students unlock the true potential of their ArcGIS software.

Initial feedback has shown that students who undergo the GIS Journey training module feel significantly feel more productive and more confident when using ArcGIS technology.


Recently, Spatial Vision spatial analyst and trainer Danielle Cherubin travelled to Caboolture in Queensland in order to conduct one of these training sessions for local business UnityWater.

Unity Water provides essential water supply and sewerage services to 16.3 per cent of Queensland’s population. The company is responsible for providing clean drinking water to local homes and businesses, as well as collecting, treating and disposing of sewage, amongst other duties.

Over a comprehensive two day training course, nine UnityWater staff members were provided with everything they required in order to become fluent in the ArcGIS software. The response has been nothing short of outstanding.

In his post-training evaluation form, UnityWater's Scott Krause labelled the course very useful, and commended Danielle for her expert advice and assistance.

"Danielle was very clear, professional, informative and patient," wrote Mr Krause, "our group achieved our training objectives!"

Mr Krause went on to praise the work exercises which Spatial Vision provided, writing that they were very helpful and relevant to the needs of UnityWater.

When asked to name the worst aspect of Spatial Vision's GIS Journey training, Mr Krause's response was emphatic - "Nothing!"

"Thanks for organising a customised, very professional, highly informative training course. Great work Spatial Vision!" concluded Mr Krause.

UnityWater is not the first organisation to praise the ArcGIS training service provided by Spatial Vision. Previously, the Country Fire Authority (CFA) has expressed gratification for the way Spatial Vision assisted them in preparing to migrate to the latest ArcGIS Desktop 10 software.

"Spatial Vision's customised training course was the best way to provide ... assistance to CFA staff affected by the migration," said acting manager of GIS Services at the CFA Teena Speirs after completing the course.

GIS Journey training is now available Australia-wide, and any organisation which thinks it might benefit from investing in this service should get in touch with Spatial Vision today to arrange a session. 

With more than a decade of experience in information and spatial technologies, Spatial Vision has the skills, knowledge and resources required to help your organisation unlock the true potential of ArcGIS technology.

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