Mapscape Ed 2 and Mapscape consumer edition

Spatial Vision, in a joint effort with emergency services and other government bodies has been delivering authoritative and rich topographic mapping to support Victorian emergency managers for over ten years.  In July 2012, Spatial Vision broadened its support of emergency services with the release of the Mapscape ‘Emergency Victoria’ product range that included an iPad App, Enterprise Data Packs and Web Mapping Services.

Spatial Vision’s ongoing commitment to Mapscape has led to the release of several new products plus updates to existing products. These include:

Mapscape Emergency Victoria  - Edition 2
Spatial Vision is pleased to announce the release of Edition 2 of its Mapscape Emergency Victoria data product.  Edition 2 is now available and it features the latest available authoritative data compiled from a number of sources including the Department of Sustainability and Environment, the Country Fire Authority, Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority and VicRoads. 

Edition 2 is available in the form of an Enterprise Data Pack that supports use on web, desktop and mobile devices, as an iPad Data Pack for use with the Mapscape 2012 app and as Web Mapping Services.  Furthermore, the release of Edition 2 has seen the inclusion of a grey scale version of Mapscape in the Enterprise Data Pack and Web Mapping Service.   This is particularly useful as a subtle base map layer that allows your organisation’s own spatial layers to clearly stand out.

Mapscape Layers

Mapscape - Topographic Australia
Spatial Vision’s Mapscape – Topographic Australia is specifically designed for those with a national interest in rural and regional areas.  Using authoritative data sourced from Geoscience Australia, Mapscape – Topographic Australia provides rich topographic views at multiple zoom levels.  Topographic Australia is available in the form of a data product for corporate, desktop or mobile use.

Mapscape iPad Data Pack – Consumer Edition 1 (November 2012)

The Mapscape iPad Data Pack is now available as a consumer edition that is ideal for professional users, including emergency service staff, regional businesses, car touring and recreational users.

The Consumer Edition includes a range of scales from the whole of Victoria down to a property level over built-up areas and is supplied on a 20Gb USB device, complete with installation instructions and licence.

The data pack can be purchased from the SV maps website:

The data pack is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Mapscape iPad App (Mapscape 2012) available from the iTunes store:

Mapscape Vicmap Book

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