Mapscape Edition 3 Empowers Victoria's Emergency Services with Higher Rural Detail

Edition 3 of Mapscape offers more detailed maps across the rural areas of not only Victoria, but for the first time, parts of New South Wales and South Australia.

The latest version of Mapscape crosses Victoria’s borders: 60km into New South Wales and 40km into South Australia, in addition to covering the entire state of Victoria.

Additionally, Mapscape’s highest level of detail is now available for all areas, where previously only built-up areas offered such detail.

This detail includes many features particularly useful to emergency services personnel, including: strategic water point locations, up to date road quality information and high quality mapping of landmarks such as houses sheds, silos and bridges.

This detail extends to the new maps covering parts of News South Wales and South Australia.

Mapscape’s maps have also been brought closer in line with those in Spatial Vision’s Vicmap Books to ease interoperability, particularly among the emergency services.

The maps are are used as the base map of eMap, the operational mapping solution for bushfires and other hazards in Victoria. eMap is used by Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA) and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

In the coming fire season, Mapscape will also power eMap Field, the application used by CFA ground and air observers to collect and upload observations during an emergency.

Having released this third edition in September, Spatial Vision is already hard at work on a fourth edition of Mapscape, which features a variety of cartographic updates and enhancements. This new edition is due to be released before the end of the year

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