Spatial Vision named as supplier for NSW Government ICT Services Scheme

In March this year, the NSW Department of Finance and Services launched a new procurement scheme for information technology, following extensive consultation with industry and government agencies.

The ICT Services Scheme aims to make it easier for the NSW government to do business with ICT providers - and vice versa. 

"These new arrangements will ensure NSW government agencies can find and procure the services that best meet their needs, and cut red tape for business," minister for finance and services Greg Pearce said in a statement released earlier this year.

From March, businesses were invited to apply to be one of the scheme's suppliers. If accepted, they would come under one of two supplier tiers - 'low risk' or 'high risk'. The differentiation of these two tiers is a new feature of the ICT Services Scheme, minister Pearce said.

"These important reforms will introduce a two-tier supplier listing that more realistically reflects the risk profile of the required goods and services, with a new short-form contract for low risk goods and services valued at under $150,000," the minister explained.

Spatial Vision is pleased to announce its acceptance onto both the Standard and Advanced Registration Supplier List. This appointment to both lists enables the company to provide services valued under $150,000, in addition to high value services valued over $150,000.

In total, Spatial Vision was accepted for 18 sub-categories, including Enterprise & Business Architecture, Benchmarking, ICT Strategy, Efficiency & Optimisation, Strategic Risk Management, Business Analysis and several others.

This successful appointment will make it easier for government departments and agencies to access Spatial Vision's services and will result in greater opportunities for the company to provide value for the NSW government on critical spatial and ICT projects.

In addition, the new ICT Services Scheme will strengthen the government's ability to locate the best, most suitable service providers on a case-by-case basis.

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