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Mapscape – Emergency Victoria is high quality and high performance, multi-scaled topographic mapping covering Victoria. As its name implies Mapscape is comprehensively used by the Victorian emergency services in their web and desktop mapping systems.

Mapscape is also available as a stand-alone product for mobile use on iPads, this is ‘Mapscape the app’.

The app is underpinned by a high performance mapping engine written for iOS by Spatial Vision. The app offers far more interaction than just mapping.The app integrates with Victorian emergency services information to show the live location of fires and other incident across the state.

The app is also ‘socially aware’. Well, the app is ‘social media’ aware allowing users to select and view the location of geo-located tweets such as the location of road incidents and warnings published by VicRoads. Users can also publish their location as a map and coordinates using twitter or email.

There are lots of other features such as fast comprehensive searching of towns, roads, emergency service offices, grid references; and the ability to use the in-built GPS capabilities for a moving map display. More information about functionality can be found at

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Ian Miller, Spatial Vision’s Application Services Manager is very pleased with the many positive comments received on the Mapscape app and the many ideas from different organisations on how they would like to use it for use in the field, for example in condition assessment of assets. Ian said, ‘we are using our experience in developing Mapscape in iOS to develop a range of business specific applications for customers’. The Application Services team have also written an Android app equivalent for another customer project.

2012 has clearly been the year of the mobile app. Recent global sales figures highlight that smartphones are shipping much faster than desktop PCs. And sales of iPads now outstrip sales of iPhones by three to one. Further to that, Android sales now well outpace iPhones.* Obviously this technology space is rapidly evolving.

The demand for reliable information to make decisions no matter where you are is tremendous. Spatial Vision has recognised this trend has made considerable investments in developing our capabilities in this area for the past two years. The future for this technology is fascinating and we look forward to being part of it.

The Mapscape iPad App is now publicly available for purchase from the iTunes store. The app is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Mapscape data pack that provides more detailed map scales and is available from

For further information about Mapscape the app under IOS, Android and Windows, contact Ian Miller.

*THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL Henry Blodget and Alex Cocotas -

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