Mapscape Authoritative High Performance Mapping

Spatial Vision is proud to announce the launch of Mapscape, a new authoritative high performance digital map product. Mapscape utilises Australian high quality mapping data obtained from authoritative government sources and will be available in a range of sector specific themes.

Our first product, Mapscape - Emergency Victoriais being trialled during the 2011/12 fire season, by Victoria’s emergency services including CFA DSE and SES in three formats: in the field using iPads, in corporate GIS mapping systems, and using a dedicated website.

Mapscape - Emergency Victoria augments Spatial Vision’s hardcopy Vicmap Books by supporting emergency service users with reliable, up to date and well presented topographic map information in formats readily integrated with desktop, web and mobile mapping applications.

Mapscape - Emergency Victoria comprises eleven sets of seamless multi-scale, high quality raster maps (not dissimilar in format to those used in Google Maps) optimised for emergency service use.  Mapscape - Emergency Victoria extends down to a map scale of 1:18 000, with more detailed mapping over built-up areas available to 1:4 500.

Mapscape - Emergency Victoria is designed to specifically address the operational needs of emergency service organisations.   Mapscape - Emergency Victoria has a similar look and feel to our Vicmap Books, and is produced from the most up-to-date Vicmap data, supplemented with other data from authoritative sources.

Spatial Vision is planning a range of other sector focussed products for Victoria and other jurisdictions in the future.
Mapscape vs Google Mapping Bendigo

Mapscape – authoritative high performance digital mapping.

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