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Following a very successful trial over the 2011/12 fire season, Victoria’s emergency services have signed up to use Spatial Vision’s new authoritative, high performance mapping product, Mapscape. DSE and CFA have licensed Mapscape for use in corporate web mapping systems (in particular, the State’s principal fire management application “eMap”) and GIS, and on mobile devices.

Mapscape Emergency Victoria comprises eleven sets of seamless multi-scale, high quality raster maps optimised for emergency service use. This innovative digital mapping product is available in a variety of data formats for both corporate and mobile deployments, and offers a cartographic style familiar to users of Spatial Vision’s successful Vicmap Books.

Mapscape Emergency Victoria builds on the vision behind the Vicmap Book series namely to ensure emergency service organisations (ESOs) are able to access up-to-date, consistent, and authoritative maps at detailed scales across all rural areas of the State.

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The digital nature of this Mapscape product, and its rapid, automated production, addresses two issues arising from hardcopy publication; data currency and limited map scales. Mapscape updates are being published twice a year, five times more frequently than the Vicmap Books. Importantly, Mapscape’s cartography has been fully optimised for presentation across all eleven scales, from state-wide to property views (ie scales of 1:4,500).

Mapscape 2012 is an iPad app specifically targeted at Victorian ESOs. Installed together with the Mapscape Emergency Victoria data pack (licensed and supplied separately), Mapscape 2012 offers this same, high quality, seamless mapping, state-wide down to the property level.

Mapscape Flooding

Mapscape has garnered strong praise already:

The new Mapscape product is a welcomed new development in Victoria's mapping capability. This new approach is an improvement that will assist Emergency Services use the electronic map in a more effective way and assist in the interoperability through the use of mobile devices (iPads). An excellent initiative that will be well received."
Craig Lapsley, Chief Fire Commissioner

I was impressed with the quality and ease of use of the maps. The fact that I could access the same mapping imagery on both iPad and eMap is a great benefit. Overall, a really good product".
Peter Luckock, Senior Project Officer - Resources Review, CFA/State Control Centre

…..very quick to navigate and clear to read…..crews were able to use this package (Mapscape iPad app) easier than most commonly used GPS units”
Craig Hamilton, GIS Team Leader, DSE

Edition 1 of Mapscape was released in late June (Edition 2 is due to be released in November 2012).

For more information visit

 Mapscape Vicmap Book

For more information, please call on 1300 366 796 or alternatively email here.

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