Invest in Victorian Agriculture Website Launched

The Invest in Victorian Agriculture website was built to support the growth of Victoria’s agri-food sector. The website provides detail information on to support the growth of Victoria’s the Dairy, Beef and Sheep, Other Livestock, Grains, Horticulture and Food Processing industry sectors as well as ten Victorian regions and a Victorian overview. It also provides an interactive map with over 100 layers of agricultural and supporting data.

The website was developed by Spatial Vision for Agriculture Victoria, while Agriculture Victoria developed the content including the detailed and downloadable industry and regional reports. The site was built on a configurable framework allowing content to be easily added and updated

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We developed the site using open source technologies including:

  • - The Angular development framework
  • - The Openlayers Javascript mapping framework 
  • - Spatial services based on Geoserver and PostgreSQL/PostGIS


A key feature of the web site is the interactive map.  Built using open source software and open standards, it features more than 100 map layers including agricultural statistics, industry activity and supporting built and natural assets.  Like the main web site, the interactive map is easily configured to add new map layers, including any externally accessible layers available via standard map services.


Peter Parbery from the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources noted that “Our project team and stakeholders are really pleased with how the website and map has turned out. It looks great, functions well, and has drawn praise ranging from front line staff up to our executive.”

The website is attractive and easy to use while providing access to extensive information on Victorian Agriculture, including specific information on the Dairy, Beef and Sheep, Other Livestock, Grains, Horticulture and Food Processing industry sectors.


Explore the Invest in Victorian Agriculture website or go directly to the interactive map.

For further information about our Enterprise and Mobile Application services, please contact Spatial Vision at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1300 366 796

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