Spatial Vision is proud to announce the launch of Mapscape, a new authoritative high performance digital map product. Mapscape utilises Australian high quality mapping data obtained from authoritative government sources and will be available in a range of sector specific themes.

Our first product, Mapscape - Emergency Victoriais being trialled during the 2011/12 fire season, by Victoria’s emergency services including CFA DSE and SES in three formats: in the field using iPads, in corporate GIS mapping systems, and using a dedicated website.


Spatial Vision recently launched a national survey designed to bolster understanding of the way cloud computing is affecting the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.

Australian organisations are invited to participate in the survey. Experts on the Spatial Vision cloud team plan to use the conclusions from this survey to present a full webinar on the objectives and key concerns of cloud computing and GIS solutions.


In March this year, the NSW Department of Finance and Services launched a new procurement scheme for information technology, following extensive consultation with industry and government agencies.

The ICT Services Scheme aims to make it easier for the NSW government to do business with ICT providers - and vice versa. 


Spatial Vision, in a joint effort with emergency services and other government bodies has been delivering authoritative and rich topographic mapping to support Victorian emergency managers for over ten years.  In July 2012, Spatial Vision broadened its support of emergency services with the release of the Mapscape ‘Emergency Victoria’ product range that included an iPad App, Enterprise Data Packs and Web Mapping Services.


Mapscape has won its first accolade – a Gold award for the best digital mapping product at the International Map Trade Association (IMTA) awards. Mapscape is a new product from Spatial Vision that delivers high quality, authoritative, high-performance mapping.


Following a very successful trial over the 2011/12 fire season, Victoria’s emergency services have signed up to use Spatial Vision’s new authoritative, high performance mapping product, Mapscape. DSE and CFA have licensed Mapscape for use in corporate web mapping systems (in particular, the State’s principal fire management application “eMap”) and GIS, and on mobile devices.


Mapscape – Emergency Victoria is high quality and high performance, multi-scaled topographic mapping covering Victoria. As its name implies Mapscape is comprehensively used by the Victorian emergency services in their web and desktop mapping systems.

Mapscape is also available as a stand-alone product for mobile use on iPads, this is ‘Mapscape the app’.


In 2002, Spatial Vision completed the first GIS Benchmark Survey of Water Authorities in Victoria. Spatial Vision has since followed this up with national surveys in 2006 and 2009. The purpose for the surveys is to enable each authority to benchmark their operational deployment of this technology against their industry counterparts.

Water authorities first started using GIS or spatial information technologies in the early 1980s. However, as evident by Google Earth, the technology has rapidly evolved in recent years and become far more accessible. By 2009, 100% of authorities surveyed operated web-based spatial systems available enterprise-wide, a huge shift from 40% in 2002.

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