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Spatial Vision is a leading specialist in geospatial information and technologies. We specialise in the delivery of GIS training courses in the use of ESRI ArcGIS software, and in open source GIS software, QGIS. We provide a personal approach to training, with a maximum of 6 participants to ensure you receive individual attention from the trainer and can get the most out of the course. These courses can be tailored to suit your needs and can be held on premise or at our office. Additionally to ensure participants can apply the new skills back in the workplace, we also offer a mentoring session after training for follow up questions and affirmation on applied GIS processes.

Our company is well recognised for its excellence in the application of spatial information technology and is a multi-award winning innovator in the Australian spatial industry.

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What We Offer

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Introduction to ArcGIS Offering:

  • - Gain an understanding and familiarity with ArcGIS Desktop so you can use it productively for mapping operations
  • - Be a competent user of ArcGIS Desktop to load, visualise, query and manage spatial data
  • - Become proficient in producing high quality maps
  • - Be able to apply professional data management skills
  • - Understand 'best practice' spatial editing techniques
  • - Understand how to make best use of Government Vicmap data
  • - You can now accrue 8 SSSI CPD points

Introduction to QGIS Offering:

  • -Gain an understanding and familiarity with QGIS so you can use it productively for mapping operations
  • - Be a competent user of QGIS Desktop to load, visualise, query and manage spatial data
  • - Become proficient in producing high quality maps
  • - Understand spatial editing techniques
  • - You can now accrue 5 SSSI CPD points

Mentoring Offering:

  • - Your staff are trained and now need to apply the learning into the organisation business process.
  • - Spatial Vision will come onsite to support users as they transfer learning into practical implementation.
  • - Ensure lessons learnt are applied in your workplace.
  • - Sessions start at just a few hours and can range all the way up to full day intensives

Customised Course Offering:

  • - Develop customised training based on your business processes
  • - Develop worked examples with your geospatial data
  • - Participants can learn and practice core GIS processes that align with your organisation
  • - Build business efficiencies in staff learning the preferred method
  • - Ensure good data governance and data management is followed with a unified process

Our Experienced GIS Trainers


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Danielle Cherubin has provided ArcGIS training for over 5 years at Spatial Vision. In her daily work she uses ArcGIS for analytics where she can draw on her experience to help you extend your capability, getting the most out of the software and training. Her considerate and thorough nature will ensure you leave the training session with the knowledge to unleash the power of ArcGIS in your workplace. 

Marcel Sahyoune joined Spatial Vision in 2015 as part of the cartography team to deliver our Victorian series of VicMap Books. With this practical experience using ArcGIS and strong cartography skills, Marcel will share with you his tips and tricks to ensure your map outputs meet cartographic principles that will improve your understanding of GIS. He is a proficient user of ArcGIS, and was a previous RMIT associate lecturer who builds good rapport with all his participants

Tom Hollands joined Spatial Vision at the start on 2016 after completing a Master of Applied Science (Geospatial Information) at RMIT University. He excels in pushing the boundaries of geospatial technology and staying abreast of the latest open source trends. He delivers QGIS training that ensures you are aware of the latest changes of the software and how to utilise the most important tools for standard GIS operation. Personable and practical, you will learn a lot from Tom. 

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Quick Tips

QGIS April 2017

Not only can you use WMS/WMTS layers in QGIS, but you can also search for them. Click the button to add a new WMS layer, hit the 'server search' tab, and enter a keyword to search for a WMS for your project! The search accesses the Geopole database which catalogs over 400,000 freely available WMS layers.

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