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Put a map in the hands of your business

Spatial Vision is a leader in the customisation and deployment of spatial solutions to support business functions and information management. Depending on an organisation’s requirements, these solutions can be delivered via the web, desktop and increasingly on mobile devices.

We can assist you in getting the most out of your GIS infrastructure through architecture design and optimisation. We build databases, servers, and web and desktop applications using proprietary and open source software based on your requirements for cost, accessibility and maintainability.

Our expertise encompasses ESRI, Geocortex, Python, OpenGeo, QGIS and GIS Cloud technologies.

Our Enterprise Spatial Solution services:

  • Enterprise geospatial platforms utilising ESRI, Geocortex or OpenGeo technologies
  • Integration between spatial and business applications
  • Geospatial process automation and tool development
  • Geocortex application development
  • Mobile data capture solutions
  • GIS Cloud solutions

For more information, please call on 1300 366 796 or alternatively email here.

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New SavBat Tool

Spatial Vision has worked with the Department of the Environment and Energy to develop a new version of the Savanna Burning Abatement Tool which automates the calculation of carbon abatement from both emissions avoidance and sequestration.



Geological Survey of NSW (GSNSW) engaged Spatial Vision to design and develop a new release of their MinView web mapping application.


Cesium.js Blog

This is a plugin free web framework for creating virtual globes in the browser, think Google Earth or Nasa Worldwind, but it’s open source.

Case Study

CAPAD Case Study

Updated every two years, the Collaborative. Australian Protected Area Database (CAPAD) is a textual and spatial information product which provides a national perspective of biodiversity conservation.


GIS Cloud

Next generation platform for apps that manage location information


Plugin for QGIS

The plugin’s homepage is freely available and works in any version of QGIS from version 2.0 and above (latest QGIS version is 2.12).


Geocortex Webinar

Geocortex Essentials provides cutting edge tools, processes and features that dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to create and maintain quality ArcGIS applications.

Case Study

Common Ground

Working in conjunction with the NSW Department of Industry, Spatial Vision undertook the technical design and implementation of Common Ground, a new mobile optimised website.


GIS Cloud Publisher

Introducing the latest advancement which seamlessly connects your business to the cloud.

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