• Mobile App - Available for Android and iOS devices
  • Configurable App to set locations and notifications
  • Notifications to field workds can include text, links and images
  • Can provide specific intructions for hazardous equipment and installations

A person (John Smith) using this mobile app is within the proximity of a Beacon at Butterfly Valve Station. Based on this proximity a notification is sent to the person's mobile phone.

Central Reporting Service:

  • Real time tracking of people's presence at OH&S risky areas
  • Raise alerts if a person does not leave a defined premises after a configurable amount of time
  • Confirm your staff/contractors arrival and departure on remote sites
  • Reporting on the history of visits
  • Cloud-based service

Central Reporting is available to designated resources who are logged into the website. In the example below, Central Report shows that John Smith is within the proximity of Butterfly Valve Station. A report of John's visits is also available via the Central Reporting service.

For more information, please call on 1300 366 796 or alternatively email here.

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