Data in the Digital Age – Geobuiz Summit

The Australians at Geobuiz. L-R: Greg Scott, Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse, Andy Lovell and Glenn Cockerton.

Geobuiz is an annual global summit of business leaders held in Monterey, California. The summit attracts CEOs and Executives from the global Geospatial Industry, technology companies and start-ups, system integrators, solution providers, digital design and engineering; national geospatial agencies; investors and venture capitalists; incubation units; and consulting firms.

Spatial Vision’s Glenn Cockerton and Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohammed-Ghouse attended as guests of conference organisers, Geospatial Media Communication.

Alongside Geobuiz, a number of side events including the World Geospatial Industry Council Board Meeting took place which was attended by Spatial Vision.

View the 2019 Geobuiz report here.

Harnessing the power of data

A number of engaging panels took place, including discussions regarding real-time analytics and the location economy. With the rise of digital twins and autonomous vehicles, the demand for near real-time analytics is arguably higher than ever.

Panel discussion on Realtime Analytics and the Location Economy. Panelists: , Arra G Yerganian, Vivek Sharma, Rohan Verma and Ganesh Pattabiraman.

Stories of successful integration of geospatial platforms and services highlighted the importance of collaboration – something that the Singapore Land Authority have been able to achieve by building trust among its stakeholders, and with both the private and public sectors. As Siau Yong NG commented, it’s all about ‘the greater good for community’.

Data protection and privacy

On Day 2 of the event, Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohammed-Ghouse took part in ‘The Big Debate: Data Protection and Privacy Conundrum – Who and How Much?’. The session was moderated by GMC CEO Sanjay Kumar with panellists including Greg Scott, Lea Shanley, Kevin Pomfret, Dean Angelides and Arnout Desmet. The one-hour panel was highly interactive, and highlighted the need for collaboration and dialogue between private industry, academia, civil societies and government in creating awareness of digital ethics and the responsible use of location data.

Watch the debate below, or see the full recordings at the following: Day 1Day 2.

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