Esri Dashboards in Under 5 Minutes

As someone working in both the spatial analysis industry as well as software development, I am impressed when coming across tools that can be used for company to analyse performance.

Have We Seen The Death Of The Atlas?

For most of us, our first introduction to maps was by a teacher at primary school. As we progressed through the education system, atlases were introduced, exposing students to the art of cartography and the science of geography.

Visualising Data with Kepler

Kepler allows users to easily present their data in a few simple clicks and can produce more advanced looking representations for those willing to use other software.

Case Study: Victorian Women’s Health Atlas

The Victorian Women’s Health Atlas provides an interactive resource to support the work of local government authorities and regional women’s health services throughout Victoria

ABS Data Visualised Using Maps

Creating a good map is essential when it comes to getting an important message across to an intended audience, but have you ever thought that the conclusions you draw from the information on the map could be unintentionally biased?

Marriage Equality Visualisation

Spatial Vision proudly publicly declared their support for marriage equality in Australia. Spatial Vision is as an organisation that values diversity, human rights and a fair and respectful environment for all.

Crash Statistics Visualisation

Over the last 20+ years much has been done to reduce deaths on Victorian roads. From 1996 to 2016 number of deaths dropped from 418 to 291.

Case Study: EMET Web Map

ACEM came to us because they wanted to let users explore the breadth and connectivity of the Emergency Medicine Education and Training (EMET) program hospital network around Australia with ease and flexibility. To do this we created an online map.

Digital Mapping an exhibition by Dion Beasley & Media Mob

Barkly Regional Arts is thrilled to announce the opening of the DIGITAL MAPPING exhibition by Tennant Creek’s Dion Beasley and Barkly Regional Arts’ Media Mob.