Cooling the City Visualisation

With the frequency of extreme heat events increasing in urban areas, heat stress is becoming a major health concern for pedestrians as they navigate their way across the urban landscape.

Shadeways – Thermal Comfort Model

Shadeways is a new program that takes into account weather conditions, time of day and tree canopy to find the most optimal route for thermal comfort unlike current navigation apps like Google Maps.

Monitoring the Metropolitan Development Boom

The area around the Box Hill Railway station has been a major development hub since the early 2000s. While most residents and visitors to the area cannot but help notice that there is a construction boom, data from DELWP’s Housing Development Data project helps to put this in context.

Case Study: Smart Rest Area Trial

The Australian and NSW Governments are working together on a Smart Rest Area Trial to allow heavy vehicle drivers to receive instant information about nearby rest areas.

Location Aware Technology

You can provide a physical world contextual experience to your customers, create a more safer work place, provide an innovative and effective accessibility options for visually impaired – some of the benefits for making your mobile apps location aware.

The Tale of Two Cities – the inner and outer story

Melbourne is rapidly growing, with another 95,600 Melbournians added in the 12 months to October 2015, and with the city set to overtake Sydney as Australia’s largest city by 2056.

Addressing critical issues with digital technology

Safeguarding humpbacks whales against migratory interference. Shutting down illegal trash dumping through the identification of problem areas. Interactive biodiversity education tools for Victoria’s classrooms.