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Turning data into Information

Data held by businesses and government has a spatial component, understanding this spatial component of your data enables you to identify where things are, how they relate and how they can be improved.

Spatial Vision helps clients realise the potential of their data. We provide a service which converts data into digital information which allows you to understand complex spatial relationships at a glance.

Our Information Services include:

  • Data validation/QA
  • Data Restructuring
  • Data capture
  • Data sourcing/procurement
  • Supply of Vicmap data and imagery
  • CheckSite Environmental Reports
  • Nexus Vicmap Incremental Update Loader

For more information, please call on 1300 366 796 or alternatively email here.

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Property reports for environmental &
property professionals


Metes and Bounds Webinar

Leader of Information Services, Jeremy Alcorn details a project he worked on for the ECQ establishing electoral boundaries using the Metes and Bounds system.

Case Study

Network Testing Case Study

Telstra has built a new digital radio network for one of its customers and had developed models of the digital radio network which predicted the signal strength and strongest signal site across the entire network.

Case Study

CAPAD Case Study

Updated every two years, the Collaborative Australian Protected Area Database (CAPAD) is a textual and spatial information product which provides a national perspective of biodiversity conservation.


Vicmap Data

Spatial data for the State of Victoria


Nexus 5

Keeping your Vicmap data up-to-date

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