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We assist you to unlock the value of corporate data to aid decision making and deliver meaningful information to your stakeholders.

We help you source, collate and enhance what can be disparate data sets, and present them in a manner that provides insight and clarity to tell compelling stories and support your mission.

Using the latest geospatial and cloud technologies, we provide interactive web resources to improve organisational and community engagement and utilisation. Our skills encompass a variety of technologies including Open Source and proprietary products including ArcGIS Online, CartoDB and Leaflet.

Our Data Visualisation Services include:

  • Highly engaging, easy-to-use and compelling solutions
  • Innovative geostatistical modelling and analytics
  • Visualisations that provide insight into trends, patterns and other relationships not evident from more traditional data publication
  • Solution hosting and support services

For more information, please call on 1300 366 796 or alternatively email here.

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Victorian Crash Statistics

Every year over 4500 people are injured or killed on roads in Victoria. Where do those accidents occur? Is there a relationship between the age of the drivers, time of day or type of vehicle? Effective geospatial visualisation can enable us to explore and understand the masses of statistical data that is available on road injuries. The Crash Stats site is designed to provide insight into trends, patterns and other relationships not evident from more traditional data publications on vehicle road fatalities and injuries within Victoria.  With data from 2006 up to the end of 2016, Crash Stats enables you to see by location the Deaths and Injuries by Drivers Age, Vehicle Type and Accident Date. Hopefully a better understanding of this data can inform decisions on where and how to implement more effective road safety activities.

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The Emergency Medicine Education & Training (EMET)

The Emergency Medicine Education & Training (EMET) Web Map is a visualisation designed to let users explore the breadth and connectivity of the EMET hospital network around Australia. Developed for the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine, ‘hub’ and ‘node’ hospitals are displayed live from a cloud database, and a connectivity network is generated on-the-fly, telling the geographical story of emergency medical training across the country.


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Women's Health

Spatial Vision has produced the Victorian Women’s Health Atlas (the Atlas), it was launched on 26 October 2015 by the Hon Jill Hennessy MP, Minister for Health.

Womens health

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