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Systems for sustainable fisheries

Spatial Vision develops and supports fisheries administration systems used by authorities to manage licence issue and renewal, quota allocation and use, activity reporting and catch and effort reporting.

Commercial fishers use our online self-service tools to access their licensing information and use online business transactions for simpler and more efficient interaction with Government. These online self-services tools are improving business productivity by enabling self-service transactions with government and other fishing businesses.

On the water, reporting of catch and effort has been simplified through the use of mobile phones, removing need for paper log books. Spatial Vision develops citizen science apps to report sightings of tagged fish, aquatic pests and whales. Our clients include Fisheries Victoria, Fisheries NSW, Fisheries WA, and the Vancouver Aquarium.

Our Commercial Fishing and Marine Solutions include:

  • Commercial fishing administration including licence and quota management
  • Fisher applications (mobile) for compliance activity and catch & effort reporting
  • Catch and effort for fishery management
  • Citizen science apps for aquatic pests, tagged fish and whale sightings
  • Hosting and support

For more information, please call on 1300 366 796 or alternatively email here.

Case Study

VicFishCatch App

Spatial Vision in conjunction with Fisheries Victoria, recently released the VicFishCatch application for mobile phone devices.

Case Study

Whale Watch App

WhaleReport is a smart phone app developed for the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre featuring the ability to submit details of sightings of cetaceans and turtles in the British Colombia area.

Case Study

WA PestWatch App

WA PestWatch is a smart phone app and website developed for the Department of Fisheries Western Australia featuring the ability to submit details of sightings
within WA area of interest.

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